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UPDATE: Second Solar Project and CBHC Training

20150923_084333Thank you all who have given to make this dream come true. The second part of the project has gone really well. We appreciate all your prayers and support towards making the second solar project installation a success.

On the 19th of September we were able to bring the team of 5 missionaries including Tim and Karla Deuel, Jeff and Dr. Susan Myers and their son Ethan.  They came with 3 national leaders: Gabriel, Director of Rural Health, and Mathew and Bapo of Community Based Health Care.  The team visited Bana Nazarene Clinic located in the mountain range of Drekikier in the East Sepik province. The trip was  for the solar installation to allow starting an immunization program, for Dr. Susan to help with clinical screening and treatment, and for Community Based Health Care training and discipleship class for pastors and laypeople.20150920_132516

Involving doctors in rural setting is a rare opportunity for the Rural Health Division of Nazarene Health Ministries. The team’s travel from Kudjip hospital included the 45 minutes drive to Mt. Hagen airport, 50 minutes flight to Wewak, and then a 5 hour drive on the very rough road to Bana Nazarene Health Centre. The team was warmly welcomed by the community with their traditional dancing, that clearly showed the excitement of the community over the changes and development into the area.  20150921_152521

During the week each individual member of the team took on different task at the facility site. Dr Susan was very busy all day with patients coming in from three government districts, who all flooded into the facility to see the doctor because there is no regular doctor available in that area. Before Nazarene Health Ministries took on this facility and upgraded it to a Health Centre, the community used to carry patients on bush stretchers and walk many hours to seek medical help outside of their district.  Now we have 3 nurses stationed at Bana: Buckley, Charity,  and Rose and it has become a very busy medical service providing for the needs of the community.  It is the nearest medical care for about 15,000 people in the area.  For this special week another government nurse, Micah joined in to help our three nurses with screening and treatment as even more people flooded in for a chance to see a doctor. There were 853 patients screened, examined and treated during the week.

DSCF0721Tim Duel and Ethan Myers worked really hard getting the solar system installed and finally we’re able to use the power and lights in the night service. The solar system installed is a tremendous help to power the vaccine fridge for all of the children in the area who have not been immunized over the years. These children will directly benefit from the vaccines refrigerated from the solar power.

20150923_084735Jeff Myers and Karla Deuel did a tremendous job in teaching all our pastors including lay people during the day and conducted fellowship and Jesus film at night. Reports from participants were really encouraging by these practical teachings.

Mathew and Bapo spent the week on CBHC awareness and training. It was a first contact made with all 8 ward councilors including their ward committees and many other community leaders who came to the training. Mathew and Bapo began introductory training and will do more complete training in November.  All of the councilors pledged their support of the program and are eager to help bring real change in their communities.

God is in control, we had sensed His love and compassion in this trip. For me (Gabriel), as RHS Director, accompanying the team was very special and inspiring, but was also very eye-opening for the challenges that lay ahead. There are challenges of infrastructure developments, equipment, and more staff needed to care for the sick and needy in the area. We praise the Lord that the trip was fruitful, God has opened doors for the lost to see and receive Christ, and we continue to pray for the transformation in the lives of 15,000 people in that area!

Thinking through all these there came a song that reminded me of that special event; “ There’s a river of life flowing out of me, makes the lame to walk and the blind to see, open prison doors, sets the captives free.  There’s a river of live flowing out from me.”  It also made me think of the heart of the Rural Health Services – having compassion and reaching out to rural areas to impact all aspects of human life. Matt 11:5 “The blind received sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor.”

If you wish to support the work of Rural Health in continuing and extending this work please give your donation to “Rural Health Greatest need“.  We appreciate the prayers and support of so many who make this work possible.


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