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Transformation for the Hewa Tribe.

Hello everyone, I am Mr. Matthew Galman, I coordinate the Nazarene Community Based Health Care program.  It is my honor to be able to thank you all for your support. . God is glorified as we are reaching out touching peoples’ lives for Jesus especially in remote, isolated and medically undeserved communities in many parts of PNG. Without  your prayers and generous giving. It would be totally impossible to do the things we are doing.dsc_0597

In 2012, I was introduced by Dr. Allan Sawyer, his wife Theresa and a team of Samaritan’s purse video crew to the people of the Hewa tribe in Yifki somewhere at the boarder of Enga, Ela and East Sepik provinces. It is a very remote and isolated tribe in PNG.  While there, we conducted a week long medical training on clean and safe child birthing and at the same time treating those who were sick.  It took the entire medical team’s attention to focus on teaching about clean and safe delivery. The entire community was there.  They were hearing and learning this for the very first time in their life. They learned that it is all right for men to take care of their wife while pregnant up to the time and after they deliver their baby, that it is ok to for women to deliver their baby in the family house instead of isolating themselves in the bush garden house for more than two weeks, that it is OK for men to hold and curdle their babies and many more. At that time, It was difficult to know whether our training had an impact or not. When I returned last year and again this year. It was evident that our health training is actually working.dsc_0526

Pregnant women are well cared for now, babies are being delivered under supervision by trained and experienced village birth attendants with much help from Susan Kopf, the tribes’ missionary wife. Pit latrines with hand washing stations are being constructed, foot path with flower beds are being built for the first time, people are making effort to fence out pigs, more houses with ventilation windows are build, dish racks are constructed and many more.

People are taking necessary steps/actions to improve their health condition, promote prevention of diseases and better care for their community now and into the future. God is at work. Praise be to His name.

I would like to extent our special thank you to the USA NMI districts that have adopted and raised money to support CBHC along with other church, individuals and ministries who have prayed and gave to meet our needs.

Thank you.

Matthew Galman, Coordinator. NHM CBHC.

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