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The Gifts we Bring

The song The Little Drummer Boy – has the lyrics:

Come they told me, A new born king to see, Our finest gifts we bring, To lay before the king, So to honor him, When we come, Little baby, I am a poor boy too, I have no gifts to bring, That’s fit to give our king, Shall I play for you, Mary nodded, The ox and lamb kept time, I played my drum for him, I played my best for him, Come they told me, A new born king to see, Me and my drum (Insert “Pa rum pum pum pum” at every comma)

The little drummer boy, was just a boy, and felt like he had nothing to give to the baby Jesus, and yet he could play his drum, and he did it the best he could for the baby Jesus. Each of us, especially individually, may think that we have little or nothing to bring to Jesus, or to the Ministry of the Hospital (or whatever you do), but God has given each of us gifts in certain areas, and the best gift we can give is to use our gifts, to the best of our ability, in service and as a gift to the Lord – Just like the Little Drummer Boy.

As a Hospital, we are made up of many individuals, who work in different departments, and yet together we have been able to Minister as a Hospital to the people of Jiwaka and beyond, who come for care. The gifts we bring:

  • Security – The gift of Safety
  • Project Team – The gift of our buildings
  • Maintenance – The gift of keeping us running, power and water
  • Hygenists – The gift of cleanliness and service
  • Primary Health Services – The gift of ministry to the poor and outcasts
  • Health Professionals (Nurses, CHWs, Doctors, Dental Staff, ASOs) – The gift of physical healing and helping
  • Lab/Xray – gift of diagnostic assistance
  • Chaplains – The gift of spiritual ministry and health
  • Clerks (OPD, Admin, Medical Records) – The gift of organization, record keeping and assisting
  • Canteen and Food Service – The gift of nutrition
  • Finance/Business Office – The gift of financial accountability
  • Administration – The gift of leadership, organizational direction
  • MSP Field – The gift of vision, accountability and leadership

Our prayer this Christmas, is that we will keeping using our gifts to serve those who need them at Nazarene General Hospital, and we would pray for you to use your gifts for whatever God has called you to today. Merry Christmas.

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