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The difficulty of getting supplies into remote areas

The Airline company refused to carry refrigerant for refilling the refrigerator for the vaccines in Sangapi Health Centre. I asked for a 4WD Land cruiser cannot go any further.charter and the Dangerous Goods (DG) declaration in order to send it through. However, the answer was “No you cannot, because your cylinder is not UN approved” so the airline company declined to board the cylinder. I had another thought of sending the entire refrigerator out so that it can be refilled, but then realizing that the vaccines kept there would then be destroyed. A charter is needed for taking it but that is so expensive and would require the same regulations. It would also take a while to get it in because of the irregularity of the flights. The outcome would be the children who are due to receive their immunizations would be delayed for months and our target numbers would not be met.

Finally a thought came to my mind to find somebody who can carry the cylinder and take a walk using bush track into Sangapi. A three day walk, with a 13.6kg bottle is too difficult for one man. Thank God that He sent two gentlemen to me, after a week of thinking about the possibility of hiking the refrigerant in. I asked the two gentle men and they agreed to find another two to add to their number so that they can assist each other with the cylinder.

A day was set on the 7th of October, 2011 to drop the four guys at where the road stops. We drove 110 kilometers right into the jungle where the road was newly built, up the hill passed the PNG Defense
Force PNG Engineering camp and down towards Ruti valley. Finally, we could not go any further because of the terrains, cliffs, and deep holes that the 4wheel cruiser could not pass through. So we managed to drop the four men off and they began their journey. Even though we drove to shorten the distance, it still took the four men 3 days and 2 nights walk on a bush track to reach Sangapi Health Centre.

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