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Rains of revival- Saline Course

We recently contacted IHS Global to come and 20150824_070911do a training on the “Saline Process”, which teaches healthcare workers how to be spiritual salt through healthcare and share the love of God with patients.  We were really blessed that they sent us Dr. Glennis from New Zealand; Albert – a Fijian Nurse trainer; and Bing- a PNG nurse who had attended a training in Fiji.

The Lord used this to give them an opportunity to not only do a training here but they also did a training at the Medical School in Port Moresby and another with a Christian healthcare fellowship down the road from us at Mt. Hagen.  Jill – a nurse from New Zealand and former missionary to PNG also joined them as a trainer for our sessions.  Kudjip had 26 take the course and 11 take an additional course to be trainers, plus 7 came from Mt. Hagen to join our training course.

20150823_173200We trust that the Lord will use this to encourage many believing nurses and doctors in PNG to show God’s love through excellent health care and addressing patient’s spiritual needs.  Having trained so many now, we hope to better link the Christian health care workers and do even more training here at Kudjip and elsewhere.  Many of our trainers are from the Nazarene College of Nursing, who plans to incorporate these concepts into their school.  For Kudjip Hospital, one of our primary goals was to incorporate staff more into our patient follow up, so that they can help follow up and encourage patients that they have shared with and prayed with in the hospital (see all of our recent stories on patient follow up).

20150821_193402As we were doing the trainers course the last day rain began to fall so hard that the speakers really had to speak loudly to be heard.   This too was an answer to prayer for our severe drought.  It lasted a short time so we do still need more rain, but it was also a beautiful symbolism.  These trainings were a real refreshment from the Lord – a reviving and encouraging rain… but there is much more needed.  We pray He will continue to send both physical rain and work through us to bring the rain of revival to PNG.

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