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Project blessings

It had been awhile since I updated our project section of the website. What I discovered was a list of praises in how God has used you.  Every project we do is not just about finances and buildings – it is about investing in building God’s kingdom – as a hospital being Jesus loving hands to a hurting world.  Doing that as a hospital just brings a lot of infrastructurPost-resident_Erin_Meiere needs to house our staff and run a hospital of this size.  Here were some of the needs that we had listed on that site the last couple years and what is happening with them now:

1.  Housing – thanks to our good support we started the most critical houses using our greatest need funds until we could find out about the many requests we had put out to church, government, and foreign aid donors.  Since then we have become a part of the NMI 100 year celebration projects. Since then we have received word that through our partnership with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in the US we are likely to receive a major USAID grant.  Also our local Member of Parliament made a contribution.  All of this is being matched (doubled) by AusAID.  We are well under way to major housing help.  This project additionally adds a water project to improve water on our station.  The one outstanding need is still housing renovations (also on the NMI site).

2.  Power line upgrade – we had a donor called PNG Sustainable Development Project on our hydro project who decided to use their part of the funding to upgrade our entire station power grid!  What is more -AusAID Incentive Fund made up the difference to keep the hydro project at the same total!  Double blessing!

3.  We completed the new sewage line with greatest need funding!

4.  Survey- NNU Engineering students not only did the first survey for our planning and projects but has returned a second year now helping us plan our water and housing projects!  This second trip was completely covered by churches and individuals supporting their trip!

5. Hydro electric- continues to progress well and God is moving powerfully – see the post “Hydro salvations“.  The official ceremonial opening will be April 30th and power soon to follow after the last installation things are done..  Surgery by flashlight

6.  Second Operating Theater (especially for Obstetric emergencies) – fully funded by churches and then additional funds given by the government!  See the update Surgical Theater.

Everyone of these projects started through the faithful giving and support of the church.  Check out the new project section to see a full explanation of how your giving makes all of this possible – from the day to day running of the hospital to multi-million dollar projects, truly none of it happens without the prayers and support of the church around the world.

donor container smallerBeyond this are all the Work and Witness teams, medical donations, medical volunteers, regional and international Church of the Nazarene visitors, and the endless stream of prayers on our behalf.  We are truly grateful for your partnership in growing God’s kingdom here.

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