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Papua New Guinea

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Prayer Request – critical national budgets

Outpatient line under the arms of Jesus Papua New Guinea is heading into major budget cuts in the foreseeable future.  The announced distribution of budget cuts for 2016 would represent huge cuts for the funding of our own hospital (current estimates of around 40%).  Obviously this would be devastating for our ministry and the tens of thousands of patients that we serve.  It would be difficult to raise this deficit through any means that do not dramatically affect our patient care and fees.  Of course this affects the whole country, including our own Rural Health Services who delivers care to very remote (and expensive to get supplies to) areas.

We ask for you to join us in prayer for God’s provision.  Please pray for the leaders of PNG who face difficult decisions.  Pray that they would have20150410_145538sm wisdom in how to make all of the systems more efficient and accountable in order to find ways to prioritize funds to services to the people of PNG.  Please pray that we can continue to offer all of our much needed services here.  This would also be a devastating time for cuts to Christian Health Services (who does over 50% of the care in the country) after having achieved better partnership and funding through the National Department of Health in 2015.  In fact, 2015 was the first year for NDOH to give salary levels to CHS that were equivalent to government counterpart workers.  Slashing over a third of Christian Health Services salary budget will be devastating across the country.

We continue to trust in God’s provision, guidance, and direction.  He has everything we need for life and godliness -including the needs of our ministry.

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