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New calling faces Challenges in rural

On the 5th of March 2014 was a memorable day for the people of Wam and Bana in the East Sepik province of PNG. After many years of praying for health care has come true to the lives of 15,000 population consisting of 8 ward councillors. Nazarene Health Ministries moved in with a newly graduate nurse-pastor to serve in the new established health sub centre. Buckley Mann sensed the call to serve the people of Bana who have been neglected from health services for the past 20 years. Buckley treated 60 to 100 patients everyday. The demand for health care in the area is very high that medicine supplies ran out within the first two days. The clinic is in desperate need of infrastructure. No permanent buildings were built however the people took initiative to build a bush material house for the staff and a clinic to operate. People felt relieve of carrying sick patients on bush stretcher by foot or walking long distance. Many mothers died on the way before reaching the nearest health facility which 6 to 7 hours walk.

Buckley is newly married to wife Charity. It was very sad scenario of separating the two newly married couples that the wife had to work at Nazarene hospital while husband sensed the call to serve at Bana in another province. The both couples could have been together but because of the funding and unavailability of positions for both, one has to sacrifice to serve the very needy outside.  We are continually praying for open doors for Buckley and Charity to be together. Buckley need Charity to help him in the area that he is serving right now. Not that but as newly married couples they both need to be together to strengthen and comfort each other physically and spiritually because Buckley has given another responsibility to minister as a pastor to a church and congBuckley shaed his testimonyregation.

The greatest rural health need for the Bana is infrastructure. We need funding for staff houses and clinic building that will cater for birthing centre, admission, outpatient, immunizations.

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