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How the church makes this minsitry possible:

I am updating our Greatest Need page to shorten the explanation and give examples of it… however I felt it important to keep this information on the website about how important the churches role is in enabling our ministry day to day….  –Dr. Scott


If you follow this website or follow the blogs/facebook/e-mails of our doctors (which you can also find at http://nazpng.org/hospital/links/ ) and other church news, you may be seeing all kinds of news on our projects – finishing up our hydro project, building our second operating theater, and soon there will be news about our housing project, as a partnership with Nazarene Compassionate Minsitries has opened a door with USAID on an AusAID project, and other large projects still in the works to come soon.

We can rejoice in these infrastructure projects that represent millions of dollars.  However, sometimes in the church we get overwelmed with these amounts and think that our contribution is no longer needed.  Just the opposite is true! We see again and again that international aid donors only get involved where the church itself is committed and in fact every recent major project we have had has started with church funds before any aid-donor has committed to it.  (In fact the new surgery theater was all church-raised funds and then a government agency approached us and added to it!)  More importantly foreign aid donors aren’t just building to build infrastructure – they do it because of the excellent work and reputation of the hospital and that wouldn’t be happening without the church’s input.  If you have never read our PNG Statistics page, go see the kind of setting we are in and why our excellent health care stands out here in a place of truly great need!

hosp2The Greatest Need Fund is a big part of that church support.  Government supplies and funds are often insufficient, and aid donors will almost never give to operational funds.  Living in a developing country, we run out of medicines, things break and are expensive to fix, we see patients who can’t afford care, we struggle to keep staff housed, etc… but because churches and individuals give to the Nazarene Hospital Greatest Need Fund or to specific projects we keep giving the best care in PNG.  We fix that broken machine, we order that lab reagent, we get medicines from Nazarene Hospital Foundation and other ministry partners,…. Also obviously we can use church donations for spiritual outreach where we can’t use government health funds or foreign aid.

More than that, when churches pay their annual budgets that make up World Evangelism Fund or when they give deputation offerings or support GlobalServe missionaries – this keeps missionaries on the field.  Through the church, you pray for us, send work and witness teams, and through your giving, you support the myriad of small projects that allow us to run in a difficult place (x-ray equipment, oxygen concentrators, alabaster fund buildings, patient programs, etc…).  The church is who actually makes the ministry Paul Finch christian movies primary school 2012possible and help it run day to day.  God blesses that faithfulness and multiplies it like the loaves and fish.  We may  get a lot of outside funding at times for various large infrastructure projects where others see this work and want to partner with us – but this is only possible because of you as a church – the army of constant support that allows us to give the kind of care we give all the time.  The kind of support that not only allows us to find such major donors for large projects, but actually results in something much more important – a ministry that leads people to Christ and makes an eternal difference that will long outlive anything we can build.

Click here to go directly to our secure giving site for Nazarene Hospital Greatest Need Fund and partner with us in giving the hope of Jesus to the world one patient at a time!

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