Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

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How much does it cost to volunteer or rotate at Kudjip?


Below you will see the list of expenses that you can expect if you volunteer or rotate at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital. The currency in PNG is Kina and is currently worth about $0.33.

  • Airport pick-up: K150 ($50)
  • Start-up Groceries: K75, approximately ($25)
    •  An initial supply of basic grocery items will be purchased and placed in your guest flat prior to your arrival. This cost will be added to your bill that you receive upon arrival.
  • Groceries: K180 per person per week ($60, estimate)
  • Initial shopping trip (travel expense only): K200 ($66)
  • Medical registration: K45 ($15)
  • Housing: K25 ($8) per night for physicians, K12.50 ($4) per night for students
  • Internet: K230 ($76) for 6 GB of data (good for 30 days) provided on a wifi modem 
    • If a volunteer is at Kudjip longer than 30 days or uses the 6 GB before the 30 day limit, instructions will be provided for purchasing more data. The modem can be used for Skype or FaceTime calls.
    • Telephone service for calls outside the station is not provided. A simple cell phone will be provided by the Volunteer Coordinator for anyone interested. The volunteer or trainee is responsible for purchasing minutes on this phone.
  • Airport drop-off K150 ($50)

*Often trips are shared (airport and shopping) in which case the cost is divided accordingly.


We recommend that you exchange about $200 at the Port Moresby airport. There is a bank window in the luggage pick-up/customs area. This should be plenty until you can get to the bank. If you have a debit card, there is an ATM that takes them, and is by far the least troublesome and least expensive to get money into the country. You can get up to K2000 at a time. Remember to notify your card companies and banks that you are traveling internationally, or they may freeze your card when they detect a transaction far from your usual locations.


Insurance is required to volunteer or rotate at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital and it must be obtained through the Church of the Nazarene, in order to meet the requirements of the organization. The insurance serves as medical coverage, emergency evacuation coverage, and coverage for “repatriation of mortal remains.” The cost is approximately $2.75 per day, and may be obtained online at www.missioncorps.org (follow the link for “Resources”).

For more information about insurance coverage, contact:
Duane Baty, wmvolunteer@nazarene.org