Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

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Hospital Closure and Opening

Thank you for the many people who have been praying for Kudjip Nazarene Hospital and Melanesia Nazarene Teacher’s College in Papua New Guinea.  Four men who had previously caused problems with the hospital’s hydro project, were recently arrested for stealing from the project.  These men were soon released on bail and immediately began to seriously threaten the hospital and hydro project.  

Arrests are often almost impossible unless tribes hand over the guilty.  While many community people strongly support the hospital, there are some who are willing to hide these men, which forced closing the operations of the hospital from October 14-18.

We can only operate the hospital as long as the conditions are such that  staff feel safe in their working environment.   In this kind of situation it is necessary to hold people responsible for their actions and to ensure that the surrounding communities fully support the hospital rather than allowing the protection of those who would create problems.  The situation did resolve with improved community support and the arrest of the men responsible.

Sadly, this is a situation that often occurs all over the country in many ways and is one of the forms of corruption that is so damaging.  The Church, together with many in government, is trying constantly to take a stand against this. The Church faces these challenges not only at the hospital but at other institutions including Melanesia Nazarene Teacher’s College.  The Church is passionate about raising a standard of righteousness in all of its work.

Please continue to pray for protection and discernment for our leaders in the hospital and college.  Pray as well for unity and support amongst area church leaders and the surrounding communities.  Pray for a spirit of conviction and understanding in the community so that people will see their need for God.


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