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Dear Valentines- yes we are open.

Happy Valentines Day dear friends.  Daily we continue to get inquiries from people via email, phone calls, Facebook, messenger, and text letting us know they are praying for us and asking whether we are closing the hospital.  These inquiries have come from PNG and abroad as news spreads via the internet and person to person. We are grateful for the outpouring of loving support and concern.

The  good news is that we are still open and have not limited services.  It is true our plan for eventual temporary closure until the government produces funding was in the newspapers.  The government has assured us that the NEC (Cabinet) approved emergency funding that will come.  This was also in the papers the two days following the first article. 

We are grateful for everyone’s concern and the many people who contacted others in positions of power to advocate for us.  We still have a lot of questions since we have not seen the budget in writing but are giving time for the wheels of bureaucracy to turn. 

Surprise Valentine Twins

I was on-call last night.  I got called in for a women having trouble in labour.  It turned out she unknowingly had twins!  The first one delivered – a baby girl.  I was checking the second baby’s position with ultrasound as the heart rate dropped to almost nothing in seconds before my eyes.  Here was a baby dying in front of me – only inches away but out of reach.  I prayed as the OB team and I did all we could do and began preparing her for surgery as the Operating Theater team was urgently called. The heart rate improved with our simple measures but would sometimes drop again as the team was assembling for the emergency C-section.  Both teams acted fast and when we did the surgery we delivered a healthy second baby girl.  A double blessing for Valentines!  

As I got home a friend from college sent a message that he heard the hospital was closing.  I gratefully answered that we were open for this day of love.  Much of the reason we are open is due to the outcry of public support to assure our funding…. but the biggest reason we are open is due to the love Christ in the hearts of our staff and the outcry of prayers of love and support that go out to our Heavenly Father by so many in PNG and around the world. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow with budgets or anything else but I do know this: At Kudjip every day is Valentines.  Every day is a day of love

Scott Dooley -Hospital Administrator.  Just a note- all stories on our website are done with the permission of the patient/family. 
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