Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

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Christian Video Ministry: Volunteer Paul Finch

My name is Paul Finch, I was asked to help with the Hydro-Electric project at the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital in Papua New Guinea.  I had asked if I could bring with me a dvd player, digital projector & speaker to show Christian films. The people in charge said yes. Then I remembered that most of the bush churches have no power.  God reminded me that my pastor had a small suitcase size generator. I brought that along in my luggage.

A few days after arrival I was asked to show a film. After the first one it has been 4 nights a week since. In the 11 weeks I have been here, over 4000 people have seen a film . The most popular is the film” End of the Spear”. At first I was amazed at how much it meant to them.  But the longer I am here to see the culture I realize that revenge killings and brutal treatment of people are expected. This film gives them hope. For the Christian it is hope that their communities can change. For the non-Christian it reveals other options to the violence.   That forgiveness is possible.  The pastors here are so thankful to have it shown in their church because it is very hard for them to get across to their people. This film gives a visual similar culture that the PNG people can relate to.Movie inspires forgiveness

At one of the first services we showed the film at, a pair of women (see attached picture the women on my left & right) came up after the film and forgave one another.  It seems that one was married to the brother of the other.  The sister blamed her for his death.  She publicly forgave the wife for accusing her and asked for forgiveness for all the wrong things she had done. Many tears were shed, with a lot of hugs.

The next best film is “Last Flight Out . At one showing 8 lost sheep were found.

The Jesus film for Children I also show.  The pictures are of nearly 900 students packed in a church to see this film & the End of the Spear. God planted many seeds that day!

At one church there were so many people that they were pulling the siding of the church back to see.  At others when the windows & doors are full as many as 25-40 people leave because they cannot get to see.

In conclusion I stand in awe of the Power of the Holy Spirit. To be able to communicate through these films that are in English to people that doesn’t speak much English at all.  I now have a man named Apa who goes to interpret for the people. He has a passion for spreading God’s saving grace. I hope to return to PNG to be able to go to more Bush churches and share this film. If that is Gods will and with His help I am willing. PRAISE GOD for HE HAS DONE GREAT THINGS!!!

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