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A moment to remember.

The week long village birth attendant refresher training has just ended here in Dusin, Middle Ramu district. All of our volunteer village birht attendants(midwives) have had a wonderful time of refreshing their midwifery shills, a time of sharing personal tersiomonies and a time in which they were able to interact with each other. Ir was truely a blessed time.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Whe the time came for me to fly out, the plane could not land due unfriendly weather all week. I was stranded for one whole week. I knew that Lord was in control of the weatehr but I also knew that God was also allowing this to happen for a reason.  Later on during the week a woman was in labout that was in trouble. It was her seccond baby. I was told that she had a really difficult delivery with her first pregnancy where she almost passed away during child birth three years ago. She was in labout for two and a half days, she was weak, dehydrated and pale. She was also a wife of one of our pastors. She did not look good at all. She was carried by her family on a five hours walk to dusin with the intention to put her on a plane out to hospital or health center.

I heard about it and went over to where the woman was to see her. After asking a few questions and  brief ovservation. It was obvious that she was really weak and dehydrated from not eating and drinking for almost two days. It was against ther custom for a pregnant woman to eat drink during labour. I prayed with the falmily, explained to them why she was weak and that she should eat and drink. We gave har food and water. A few hours later I assistecd the woman alongside with other trained village birth attendants and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Everyoen was really happy and praising God. I was so blesse that the plane did not come. This woman or the baby in a normal case would have normaly died. I learned a lesson that no matter where we are, in what ever situation we may ; That experience can be used for somethng good to help another. Praise be to God!

Holding the newborn baby just delivered

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