Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

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With the Hospital Expansion Project, it also bring in new changes to other areas. To free up space for construction of new laboratory and pharmacy, the hospital management have decided that two old ageing building on site be remove to make way for new Pharmacy and Laboratory building. Through hospital maintenance department, they have decided to utilize those old materials with few new additional to built a similar set of buildings to accommodate staff who are really in need of house.

It was really a blessing to see very skillful hospital maintenance team to carefully relocate a duplex and a stand alone staff house to a new area. The value and the cost of rebuilding was remarkably low compared to what it values now. Both building now stood with new color and design giving a new image and value.

We thank God for such a wisdom and skills each individuals who involve in making that happened. We believe in God who enable us to do more than what we can able to do. Through the Hospital rent system, it is also helping most of the hospital aging building to have a facelift and they value changes.

Staff shared tears and thank God for such a blessing which they say they are grateful and  are fortunate to live under such roof. The days of bunking up with other family’s is over now.

 Hospital Staff house dedication


Each year it has been the culture for the hospital to host Spiritual Formation gatherings to enable workers to understand Gods Love and to demonstrate that love and compassion in patient care. It is all about serving others and to have that triads, quality and the ability to serve. Each worker regardless of where they serve, either be a carpenter, hygienist or nurse, they all need to be instilled and en-reach with whatever necessary attitude, Passion and skills to serve in the ministry. It is a program organized only during one of the weekends that is free and not interfere with their regular jobs.

This year 2018 was different as there were two different groups of people to attend that weekend retreat. One was the project workers and the other is the regular employees of the Nazarene Health Ministries.

It was a success to complete the two retreat on a high note with many souls turn to Christ. Both retreat were held consecutively on the weekends.

A total of 90 project/construction workers surrendered their lives to Christ during the project retreat and a total of 9 young men who are casual workers surrendered during the second staff retreat.  We led a total of 99 souls to Christ in that two weeks of retreat.

We are grateful and thank God for the project. It has given us a great opportunity to help bring Spiritual Transformation to individuals, families in their communities.

Project works giving their lives to Christ, accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 



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