Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

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UPDATE: Solar Project and CBHC Training

Thank you for all who have given to this project so far.  If you haven’t gotten involved we do still need your help and you can see this project here.

The first part of this project has gone well.  We appreciate people who have been praying for us.  The Dusin area from planefirst part of the project was to have our visiting missionary friend, Bill Wright (who is an Electrical Engineer who has helped Kudjip many times before) come and install the first solar system in Dusin.  He took along with him, Nazarene Missionary Tim Deuel, who himself is an electrical linesman. Tim has done a lot of work on the mission house at Dusin and will be able to help make future adjustments or repairs to the system at the new clinic.

It was difficult to get flights to Dusin.  MAF (Mission IMG_3965 rAviation Fellowship) is very busy trying to help missions like ours reach remote areas.  It is even more complicated because of the small airstrip at Dusin, which is easily covered by clouds in the mountains, and the heavy load of the solar panel, batteries, and inverters.  We praise the Lord for working out the charters at the last minute and for good weather to get the entire team in and out safely.


Traditional hut and kids DusinThe solar panels are now installed.  This will run lights and a vaccine refrigerator with room to grow.  This will provide immunizations for the first time reliably in this area and tells people that the church cares about them.  It will also extend some other clinical services to this remote area.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIssach, a nursing officer with CBHC was also able to go and hold a three day training with pastors and others in the area who have already begun CBHC training.  These people would have come from several hours walk in the mountains to be able to come and learn this knowledge (for more on how this works CBHC post: 6 accept Christ).

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