Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

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The Best for Jesus

We have often been called the best hospital in Papua New Guinea.  It was nice this week to see it in the newspaper from a grateful father of a young man who died here.  Even when we can’t save someone from death it makes a great difference how we care for them. This young man was on medicines that mostly can’t be found elsewhere in PNG and was kept alive a few more precious years… but the father was not just writing about medicine, they were writing about the love of our people.  Thanking especially Dr. Bill McCoy and Dr. Erin Meier but seeing all that it takes to run this ministry at this level.  We work hard at every level from cleaners to nurses to doctors.  Everyone seeing their job as being the hands of Jesus, showing God’s love in day to day service.  This is a shining example in a country where many facilities are closed or some services are not available at various times because nurses, doctors, lab/x-ray workers have not come to work or basic maintenance is not done.  It takes a huge group of committed Christians doing our best for Jesus.  May He receive all the glory!Newspaper Articel Best Hospital in PNG med

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