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Papua New Guinea

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THANK YOU for the Roller Bandages

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about how we use Roller Bandages (old sheets that are rolled up and used as bandages) all the time at the Hospital.  As a result of that, many of you have started to save sheets and roll sheets to send to us – THANK YOU.   One of the people who started to roll sheets, was Rachel Thompson’s (a missionary here) mom, Joyce.  Joyce recently came to PNG to meet her new granddaughter, and so she got to see some of her and her team’s hard work in action.  She got to see the roller bandages in action and meet many patients  who had benefited from the hospital having rolled bandages.  They were grateful for the bandages and the care they received and happily agreed to have their picture taken.  She wanted to thank you to the others who helped her roll bandages and I wanted to say thank you to all who help roll bandages for the hospital.  They really are a blessing to us and the patients.

Written by Erin Meier – www.erininpng.blogspot.comhttp://www.erininpng.blogspot.com
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