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Seven rural clinics facing closure due to 2018 budget cut

Thankyou friends, families and the churches for your generous support and prayers offered to sustain our Rural Health Clinics in Papua New Guinea. You have rescued two of our health centres in 2017 budget. In fact our Papua New Guinea Christian Health Services Office provided funding for the six remote clinics in 2017. However, this year seven of our rural health facilities missed the funding opportunity because the government hasn’t captured them in its budget. The Government through Christian Health Services has suddenly ceased the funding for these facilities throughout 2018. The affected rural facilities are; Omai CHP in Southern Highlands Province, Tsingoropa HC in Remote Jimi District of Jiwaka, two aidposts in Chimbu province, Kelekapena CHP and Gaire aidpost in Central province and Bana HSC in the East Sepik province.

Mr. Gabriel Mahisu, the Director of Rural Health Services has made several travels recently to the affected health facilities to talk to the people, and staff informing them of the situation. There are no alternatives but to lay off eleven (11) nurses who are currently working at those affected health facilities. Closing down the operation isn’t a good solution but we have to let it happen. By doing this we know that many people are going to die, we do not know how long it will take to close.

Our Nazarene Health Ministries Management Team has been vocal in advocating through different levels of government, open Members and the Christian Health Services to find means and ways to assist the situation. The issue was also addressed as an urgent matter at the recent floor of the 2018 National Christian Health Service conference and to the National Department of Health to look into the situation.

Bana Health Sub Centre is also affected in the 2018 budget cut. The facility served the population of 15,000 people. When talking to the people and the community leaders they could not absorb this well. The leaders are so afraid that their people will suffer the most when clinic is closed. The poor community tried very hard to keep the facility open by contributing cash towards keeping the clinic open, we don’t know how much and how likely this is going to help sustain the operation.

We need your prayers for God’s intervention during this time of crisis, particularly the staff who are going to be laid off and the operation of the facility that is going to be closed for indefinite period.

If you would like to know more about this do contact Mr Gabriel Mahisu our Rural Health Service Director on Email: gmahisu@yahoo.com; nruralhealthservices@gmail.com; Mobile: (675) 72135603. Or for donation give to Rural Health Greatest Need.

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