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Rural Health Work leads to Church planting

devotionsIt was a real blessing of having the Easter week fellowship in Wafibambun village, Makham district of Morobe province. The fellowship started through the work of Nazarene Health Ministries Rural Health Services of PNG in an area we don’t even have a health facility! (See our last post). The gathering turned out to a week revival that almost the entire village came to worship together at the Easter fellowship.  The Nazarene College of Nursing was invited to take part at the event and they joined the fellowship on Friday evening and lead in the outreach at the Markham district centre the next morning. There were 19 new converted.
FamiliesOn Sunday at the morning service the hosting family entirely came to dedicate themselves to the Lord. They also gave the land for dedication and our pastors prayed over the land to build the church.  The village leader presented us a young coconut plant to mark a sign of new church coconutto be planted. We received the coconut, prayed over it and planted it on the land that has now been dedicated to build the church. The church was given its name as “ Valley  Church of the Nazarene.”  They also shared their vision to reach out to whole of Markham valley. We praised God because it all started with the work of Rural Health Services through Imane Health Sub Centre.

Pray points to share;
• Pray for the 19 new converted in the area
• Pray for Peter Bill & wife Carol, both are conducting night fellowship every Tuesdays.
• There is no pastor.  Please pray with us as we continue to find a pastor for that church.
• Pray for my family [Gabriel & family] as we will continue to assist them in many ways to make the dream into fruition. We are now in the process of helping it become an organized church.


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