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Rural Health is about discipleship

Peter Bill and GabrielSometimes discipleship may take unexpected forms.  You may think of Rural Health Services as making disciples at our Rural Health Centres through patient care as well as community and church involvement.  That is, of course, the primary area of ministry, but it often surprises us how God expands this.  One such example is the story of Peter Bill.  He was connected to a politician who was supposed to come to imane hc extension openingthe opening of an extension to the remote Imane Health Center in 2010.  The politician could not come and sent Peter instead.  He flew in with our Rural Health Director, Gabriel Mahisu and a team from NHM.

Peter was impressed during his time at the opening by the work of the church in the community, the baptism of new believers held at that time, and the preaching of imane hc community baptismholiness that accompanied this event.  He and Gabriel stayed in touch and became friends. Even though Imane is not in his immediate area, Peter even begin to help Gabriel with logistics in this region.  He even asked Gabriel for a Manual for the Church of the Nazarene as he was interested in our Articles of Faith and the structure and accountability of our church.   Eventually he talked to Gabriel about him and his family joining   the church.  Since there wasn’t a Church of the Nazarene in his area, he and his family decided to start one and asked for Gabriel’s help.  See our next post as a follow up to this story!

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