Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

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Prayer Requests

As we start a new year we are reminded of our dependency on God,bd_1 His faithfulness to us in the past, and the His power to work in and through His people.  That includes the power of prayer as our hearts join with God’s out of love and concern for the world.

  1.  As many who follow Nazarene Asia Pacific News, the Prayer Mobilization Line, and get emails from missionaries here know, our dear friend and National Health Secretary, Mr. Baru Dirye died of cancer.  His funeral was Dec. 3rd and was a moving testimony of a life of faithful service.  Continue to pray for his family, and for this ministry trying to adjust to his absence.
  2. Pray for the government of PNG, both for the budget issues that are greatly affecting health care in the country and also for the upcoming elections to be peaceful. We praise God for the ways the church has supported us during this past difficult financial year.  You will never know this side of heaven how your prayers and giving have enabled this ministry to continue to minister in Christ’s name and be a beacon of hope when so few facilities are running well.
  3. Pray for land issues around the mission station, that people would follow the law and leaders and the community would have wisdom and follow what is right.
  4. Pray for direction and provision for the hospital as it looks toward possible growth for patient care and teaching.  This potentially involves many things- our relationship with the government and funding, staffing levels required, and a major infrastructure grant proposal.  Amidst all of this is the desire for real discipleship with our patients, community, and staff. A praise associated with this is the incredible response from spiritual life retreats and also 5 new preaching points established from patients who asked chaplains to follow up in their community!
  5. Pray for our new missionaries joining us this month – Dr. Nathan and Beckey Mason family, and Dr. Sheryl Uyeda.


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