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Prayer Request: Health Secretary diagnosed with Cancer

baru-dirye-2016-10-c                Baru Dirye, is the National Health Secretary for Nazarene Health Ministries of Papua New Guinea.  He is not only a top administrator in the health care ministry, but he and his wife Christina, have led a hugely successful Nazarene church plant.  It developed from them starting a house church to in a few years having the single biggest baptism in the church’s history in PNG with 75 people baptized in one service.


Some months ago, Baru developed a limp.  A bone cyst was found to be the problem.  It was so large it required a hip replacement with the assistance of Dr. Jim Radcliffe and another missionary surgeon at another hospital.  Sadly, the pathology came back that this growth was only a symptom of a bigger problem –cancer.  Baru has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow.


While we pray for a miracle, as a health care ministry, we also know that God sometimes uses us as doctors.  Baru was started on some treatment but the cancer has not responded so far.  The best treatment is not available in Papua New Guinea and would be very expensive in a more developed country.  NHM is trying to cornerstone-opening-2014source other medicines as well.  We trust God can do miracles whether physically, spiritually, financially…


We ask for prayers from our brothers and sisters around the world – for God to touch and heal Baru physically, to give him and his wife and children peace and strength, to guide doctors and treatment, provide what is needed not only for his treatment but also for the running of the health care ministry.

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