Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

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Pray for the Nation of Papua New Guinea

Please pray for the nation of Papua New Guinea during these current election period, there are many areas of civil unrest .This has resulted in periodic closing of some public services ,airport and limitation to road travel at times. Many schools particularly in the highlands have remained closed.One Nazarene man ,a police officer,died in the performance of his duties .The Nazarene Hospital and College of Nursing despite receiving  threat related to election but  remained open the entire time .The unrest as at times limited supplies of oxygen and normal business.It has also affected the travel of everyone.The missionaries at Kudjip are also indirectly affected as they try to keep running services and ministr to those affectd.More election related violence and casualty flooding into hospital emergency room.

Please we request global church of the Nazarene and Christians community to pray for this time of civil unrest and Pray for Good government formation needs in this country.

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