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Pray for Dr. Jim Radcliffe

The following was taken from the blog of Dr. Erin Meier (see our links/contacts section)

Jim, Kathy, Josiah and Lydia

Jim and Kathy Radcliffe and their kids (Ben, Bekah, Tim, Cilla, Josiah and Lydia) have given all of themselves to serve the people of Papua New Guinea for the past 29 years.  Jim has served as our only surgeon for most of those 29 years, being on call each and every night for any surgical emergencies that may arise.  He definitely has a big heart, for the Lord Jesus and for the people of PNG whom he has faithfully served.  However, now it has been discovered, that his heart is too big, and he needs surgery himself.  He is now back home in Ohio waiting to have open heart surgery.

Jim praying with a patient

PNG is about the size of California, but travel from city to city is quite difficult as there aren’t roads linking most of the country.  In order to get in or out of most places, planes, boats, or long walks are required.  Despite that, most everywhere you go, people have heard of or been healed by Dr. Jim’s surgical skills.  Not only have many people been healed physically, but also spiritually.  Jim shares the hope and love of Christ with his patients, and many lives have been transformed as a result of Jim’s sharing the gospel.

Jim operating

Pray for Jim and his family during this time.  Pray for the surgeon’s hands to be guided by our Lord during the surgery, for God’s peace with Jim and his family, and Lord willing, for Jim to be able to return to Kudjip again.  Jim’s oldest son Ben and his wife Katherine, and their sons Simeon and Matthias are scheduled to join the Kudjip family in January 2015, as a surgeon to help ease Jim’s load.  Pray that Jim might be able to join Ben in serving here together.

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