Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
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Papua New Guinea

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PNG Drought

2015-08-16+18.02.05Papua New Guinea is experiencing one of the worst droughts in a long time. We here at Kudjip are now working on 7 weeks with only one good rain and the effects of this lack of rain is really beginning to take a toll.  For the hospital this means the rain tanks for hospital and staff are running out and the well system cannot keep up completely.  It also limits the amount of power we can generate in our hydro-electric system since the river is so low and we cannot divert the entire river but need to keep the river with some flow for the community on the other side.

It is even more difficult for most people in PNG, who are subsistence farmers.  One of our District Superintendents from the Highlands said that along with the drought they have also had frost (unusual for here but with few clouds it has been quite cold at night in the mountains) and that many of the churches on his district are being greatly effected by all of this. Water for daily life and for gardens is getting less and less causing great hardship.

Please be in prayer that the heavens will open up and the rains will fall. Our God is sovereign and He is in control.

Thanks for your prayers,
Jeff Myers
Mel/S. Pacific
Field Church

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