Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
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Papua New Guinea

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Patient spiritual follow-up story

by missionary Karla Deuel, a lab technician:

Chaplains Hospital 2015

Nazarene Hospital Chaplains

As part of patient follow up, I went with Chaplain Moses, Chaplain Lucy, Dr. Jim and Kathy Radcliffe to follow up with a man that had visited the hospital that week and indicated that we would be welcome at his home. The chaplains had offered to take him to a local church but he had not wanted to.
As we drove along, I learned that we were visiting a family where the wife and newborn baby had just been released from the hospital. When the man had come to collect his wife and child, he had collapsed in front of the administration building and was taken to the emergency room. Chaplain Moses had talked and prayed with him there, but the man had not made a decision for Jesus at that time.
We pulled away from the highway onto a road that was in the middle of a school, a medical center and a church. We asked directions and turned in. Immediately he came out to greet us and we were also introduced to his wife, 3 year- old son, and their newborn baby girl. We all went into the house and sat down to start the visiting, learning that both had move here for work but were really from an island far from us. Kathy and I had brought songbooks and we all sang and worshiped. Chaplain Moses gave his testimony, Dr. Jim words of wisdom, and Kathy a word of encouragement. I asked him to read Isaiah 6:6. As he read the scripture, he was clearly identifying with Isaiah’s words “I am a man of unclean lips and I live amidst a people of unclean lips”. The couple testified that they had been Christians, and wanted to come back to the saving power of God, but did not know how. As we listened and prayed with them to receive Christ, God found them and ministered to them.
We had such joy and loved on them and their children, telling them it was all because of God that we could come together and worship Him. The man spoke up and said that he would like to find a church to attend that was close by. We assured him that very day we would talk to one of the Pastors in the Nazarene Church within walking distance. Chaplain Moses asked if he could visit them again. He also asked them to see him the next week when they came back to the Hospital for follow up treatment. When we headed out we found the Nazarene Pastor. We joyously told her the news of this family. She knew them already and said she would gladly follow up with them.
I marveled at God’s handiwork during the drive back to Kudjip Station. While talking after “church” with the whole family, I asked the man if he had any Christian music on his laptop. He jumped up and immediately turned on the computer to hear the Christian songs he had been listening to before that day. Each song he played for us was about preparing a way for sinners to come back to God. So, we were the finishers for what God was already doing in his life!
I shared this with one of our volunteer PA’s from Trivecca. She told me another part of the story- she was asked to triage this man in the ER when he fainted, she remembered telling Dr. Susan she couldn’t find anything wrong with him. Dr. Susan had replied, “Yes, but we all know there can be things wrong with a person that are not physical”. So, since we live in God’s kingdom of light, here on this station, it is not hard for me to understand that the darkness that had been in him just could not stand up anymore, and that is why he collapsed in the first place!

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