Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
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Papua New Guinea

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Passing on the blessing

Our CBHC director, Matthew Galman, recently attended a community event.  It waskopsip-bridge-opening-kingston-and-matthew the opening of a much needed bridge in a community that lies on the road extending from Kudjip into the mountains and surrounding communities.  It is a bridge that has been plagued by erosion problems in the steep gully that it lies in.

What was astounding was who built the new well-constructed concrete bridge.  It was not the government or a foreign aid group paying a construction company.  It was regular community men who had learned kopsip-bridge-by-project-guys-2016-10exceptional skills in cement work while working at the Nazarene Health Ministries projects -the Kudjip Hydro Project and the Kudjip Housing and Water Project!  A very proud project manager from these projects, Kingston Kaman, was publicly thanked for passing on these skills to the community.

Matthew writes, “The initiative these guys took when they saw this great community need and made an effort to build the bridge was so outstanding and really proved that what we taught them and the experience they got from working with us is not a waste. It was an investment well invested.

The governor of Jiwaka was invited.  He was so impressed by what they did that, Governor Tongamp came to the opening ceremony and gave K80 000.00 to appreciate this achievement and to pay for the bridge. Hekopsip-bridge-kuma-boys-2016-10 also awarded two more bridges with funding for the same boys to build it again elsewhere in the province. He also sent a road-grader to maintain the road from the hospital gate all the way to Tumba and beyond.

The hospital was well spoken of by many speakers. The community really appreciated NHM and that gave all the credit to NHM. In fact God is the one that needs to be praised.”

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