Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

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Left to Right -Dr. Scott Dooley (missionary), Dr. Vuiaboto Moide (contracted doctor), Sr. Mirriam Aipe (Anaesthesia Technical Officer), Dr. Rebecca Williams (Rural Registrar), and Sr. Vero Samson (Scrub Nurse) on a Caesarean section delivery.


This picture made my day… maybe more made my year so far- it is a picture of me (Scott) standing and doing not much while one PNG doctor taught another.  Dr. Rebecca Williams is a doctor doing her specialty training through the Masters in Rural and Remote Medicine Program (like a US Residency).  This program is training doctors for rural areas of Papua New Guinea who can do surgery, medicine, obstetrics, etc.. and meet the great majority of typical health problems in places that currently have no doctors.  The Nazarene Hospital is the main place most of these registrars have come to learn surgery.  Dr. Rebecca is working in a rural Baptist facility and is here doing her second 3 -month rotation with us.  Dr. Vuiaboto is interested in the program and joined our hospital as a trial period for us to mutually look at him training at Kudjip the next 6 years.  Whatever happens, this picture certainly summarizes one of our goals – to train up young Christian doctors to provide excellent healthcare and be able to train and disciple others!  It was fun just to be a back-up supervisor as one excellent PNG doctor taught another as part of our great team!

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