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New skid-steer, new lab venthood

This weekend was a good picture of our incredible external partnerships.

Saturday, we received a long-awaited container from our most frequent medical donor-

Nazarene Hospital Foundation.  Dr. Todd Winters gathers medicine and medical goods donations from a variety of church, NGO, and company donations. Many medicines on these containers come from Heart to Heart International.  On that container was also a new laboratory ventilation hood from another partner World Wide Lab.  We used our new skid-

steer to get it out of the container- bought

with funds from the Government of Papua New Guinea.  Even though it was a weekend staff and missionaries came in on their day off to form a brigade of people to empty the container.

new Incentive Fund project storeroom!

This was the first container put into the

storeroom funded by the Australian Government through an Incentive Fund grant in our new Hospital Expansion Project (expanding delivery, outpatient, surgery, admin, and more).   We are still building the internal storage racks but the building is already a huge benefit that we finally have a building more than big enough to offload an entire container of donations where our dedicated staff can

sort them this week!

We also currently have a visiting Work and Witness Team from Nebraska District Church of the Nazarene.  They are here to help with the critical need for more staff housing.  They help put a face to the international body of the church.  Sunday we went to a local Nazarene Church.  These personal connections are so powerful for the visiting team, those that sent them, the people of PNG, and for those serving here.  There was an instant bond of love. 

Staff box brigade!

Thanks to all our wonderful partners that invest in helping us meeting NHM’s vision “to express its faith through excellent health care, prevention, education and holistic community transformation.”

Nebraska District Nazarene WW team

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