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Oxygen Concentrators

Praise the Lord for the way He continues to work. In our speaking at churches this past home assignment, I often talk about how we as an admin team step out on faith to do whatever God is leading us to do to take care of needs. We often plan to take things out of hospital savings or work of if needed but then God provides another way.Carthage church

We also talked about how different churches have written to us to raise funds for things we need at the time. At the end of the service at Carthage Missouri, Church of the Nazarene, pastor Dustin said they already had a deputation check for us from their mission budget but he felt led to do something else. He asked if they could help with a current need at the hospital.

Gail had mentioned in our speaking that Measles outbreak ped ward 2014during the recent measles outbreaks, all resources were stretched and we ran out of oxygen. We had not yet recovered from the loss of most of our oxygen concentrators lost before we could re-establish our own power in the hydro-electric rebuild, completed in May this year. With a couple oxygen shortages the last few months, several patients died during this time. So when the pastor asked about a specific need, I told him we were ordering oxygen concentrators. In fact, I had gotten administrative approval on this expense by e-mail just three days before this service!  God already had a plan to meet that need through the faithful response of His people!

New oxygen concentratror nurseryI was hoping they would raise enough for one or two. They raised $7,000 just in their two services that morning! That basically took care of all of the oxygen concentrators because MediEquip in Australia actually donated two and sold us the others at a huge discount. So this means we only paid for shipping on 8 new oxygen concentrators!

So to finally update everyone – shipping was problematic but Mission Aviation Fellowship in Papua New Guinea delivered them from Australia to us at a great price.  Here are pictures of us adding our 8 new oxygen concentrators to the wards and we have a few more donated ones on the way here!
Dr. Scott DooleyOxygen concentrator medical wardjpg

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