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New phase for Rural Health Services

Dr. Mark & Mr. Gabriel

A new and exciting time begins now for Rural Health Services.

The leadership of Nazarene Health Ministries recently cast a new vision for making Christlike disciples in the nations through integrated and sustainable holistic care working toward mature and stable practices with the Church in discipleship, training and compassionate care throughout the Melanesia – South Pacific Field.

As part of these efforts, Rural Health Services has been identified as a valuable vehicle through which the Church can expand and provide improved care for those in need throughout the rural parts of Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific.

As part of this new effort, the team has expanded to include Dr. Mark Crouch – a missionary physician from the U.S. with training in Public Health – who will assist the efforts of the current director, Mr. Gabriel Mahisu.

Like Nehemiah inspecting the walls around Jerusalem, the first task is to do a “situational analysis” of our current clinics and determine how we can stabilise and support the hard-working staff in those facilities.

Next we will look to create sustainable models of funding for current projects and identify new sources of funding for improvements.

We will require strong relationships with our vital partners, including the Church and national governments, to maintain existing services. We will seek connections with all relevant stakeholders to remain accountable to the Church, the government and the people we endeavor to serve.

Finally, we aim to grow hand-in-hand with the Church by identifying “priority areas” for potential expansion through the creation of new facilities.

Check back at this page to take this journey with us. If you would like to give financially to the work of Nazarene Health Ministries / Rural Health Services please see our donations page.

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