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NCON Computer Miracle

We were told by the Nursing Council that the College must have a computer lab for it’s library.  The Management Team was worried.  NCON didn’t have the money, nor the expertise to set it up.  Fortunately, the Principal, Mr. White Kintak had a lot of faith and went forward.  Mr. White started with a bold move – instead of trying to scrounge together some used computers… he ordered computer tables to be built and we all prayed.  Below are a couple of the e-mails Mr. White has sent the past few months on how God worked everything out for them (with some editing/additions for clarification).

March 2011

Family in Christ,
NCON was building 30 computer tables for students in the last 4 weeks. It will be completed this week.  Someone asked, where will the computers come from, the other person answered, “God will provide, we’ll have to continue build the tables”.
This week brother Baru (NHM), Dr. Becky (CBHC), Cathy (NHM Finance) were attending CMC highlands regional meeting in Wabag.  The meeting was opened by Enga Governor who is a strong supporter of Church health services in his province. During the break Becky and I were casually talking to him and we gave him a copy of the letter I sent earlier (trying to raise funds for the computers).  As we were talking he asked, how many computers we needed and quickly wrote some notes on the paper and asked his advisor, “how much does each computer cost”?   The advisor said, “about K3,000.00”. He said, “I will buy you 10 computers for the Nursing college!”

For your information, Enga is a different province, we are in Western Highlands.  Almost always, governors spend all their resources in their own province not somewhere else!

Our God is the PROVIDER! We Praise him for this development and our gratitude to you all for your Prayers.


August 2011:

CON got its computers for the students and needed someone to install them. And this week a W&W team member (from Arizona) who is specialist in IT came at the right time. He is not only helping in installing programs and networking but is teaching Ps Agus computer skills (Rev. August is the pastor who teaches lay-ministry training to the nursing students) . Another member of the W&W team is helping with the drilling of holes. We have seen our Almighty’s HAND through donations of funds for students’ computers, seen HIM working through our sister institution (Christian Leaders Training College) that ordered good computers from overseas at a reasonable price for us, we continue to see HIM using HIS servants to move this project forward!



As a side note/explanation, the IT man who ended up helping was Phil Kaiser.  He had just had a slow recovery from an ankle surgery and complications before coming to PNG.  He used a wheelchair through airports and is walking with a cane here… one might look at his leg in a brace and wonder what he would do with a Work and Witness Team building a duplex for the hospital and NCON…. however God had the perfect job for him here all lined up for him to come just as the computers arrived!  Also because a partner ministry helped us order, and other missionaries here gave expert advise on what to order they turned the donation for 10 computers into 30 computers!


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