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Nazarene College of Nursing Activities and Graduation 2018.

Here at Nazarene College of Nursing, Health Care and Ministry go hand in hand, we serve God to serve men better. If you have not heard Jesus name and decide to come to this college, you will leave knowing fully well what that name means and who He is.

The college, through its Christian Religious Education (CRE) Department: teaches, guides, leads and helps students to know Christ, and themselves, through him. It is a very important arm of the college. It runs important programs every year for both students and staff alike. The department is headed by Rev. Andrew Ken, assisted by Rev. Omate Haneno; both ordained elders in the Church of the Nazarene.

Rev Andrew Ken and Rev Omate Haneno during 2018 Graduation

One of such is the Big Brother/ Sister Program where the students are put into groups and assigned to individual tutors. These tutors become the group’s mentor, inviting them for home fellowships, hospital wards and church visits, basically, be a guide.
We have fellowships every Wednesday whereby you will see staff and students coming together. Students leading the service and preachers are invited from all nationalities, andprofessions.








The college is also involved in Prison Fellowships (about 3 visits yearly). Hospital evangelism is done once every month end, as well as visiting preaching points (New church). You will find that our students are heavily involved in these programs. In their big brother/sister groups, students work together to proclaim the gospel.
There have also been 5 baptisms since 2013, for the students, and staff.

In addition, the college is heavily involved in Jesus Film Ministry (we are the only institution in the country that is driving this ministry). This is its third year in operation, since 2016. Invitations come in from churches within and outside the province, to show this film. So every end of the month, both pastors and selected students travel out. In the rural areas, especially those who cannot read, watching the Jesus film in Pidgin ( Tok Pisin) is a very effective medium with a lasting impact. Of the 14 churches visited last year, 42 people were saved. The furthest place visited was Bougainville, in June last year 2017.


Jesus Film Ministry in Southern Highlands.                 

All these programs are a part of the college’s extra curriculum programs, scheduled yearly. This college is doing it’s very best in a small way, to make a difference, by impacting the nation.


2018 College of Nursing Graduation Highlights

Our 42nd Diploma in General Nursing and 5th Laity Ministry Graduation was held on March 3rd, 2018. Our guest of honor was Dr. John Moore, who is the Asia Pacific Regional Education Coordinator; Church of the Nazarene.

Formally, our students graduate with a Diploma in General Nursing. Since 2013, students have been graduating with two certificates.
The second being Certificate in Laity Ministry: meaning we graduate Nurse Pastors. The main objective is that the college want to equip nurses with the necessary skills to reach out to the unreached, as lay persons.
If they feel called by God to go into full-time Ministry, they would take up the remaining courses at our nearby Melanesians Technological College which is unique unlike other Nursing Colleges and we are very privileged.






2018 Grandaunts.


Application Forms for College Admission

Application is open for 2019 Admission into the Nazarene College of Nursing.
Closing date is on the 1st of August.
Interested applicants are advised to pick up the applications forms at the college reception as the forms are numbered and photo copied forms will NOT be accepted.
All forms go with an information sheet, which has all necessary information for the applicants. It is a very stringent process, and the College Administration Committee cannot guarantee placements for all the applicants, as selection will be done upon merit.

Application Will ONLY be considered if;
• Genuine Official Grade 12 Certificate with A&B grade in English, Math’s, Chemistry, and Biology. Need to be certified by commissioner of oaths.
• GPA minimum of 2.50 and above.
• Student Must be Science Students.
• Official Matriculation Certificate from Department of DODL or University Open Campus.
• Age range from 18-22 (above 22 will not be considered)
• We accept ONLY single students therefore married Men & Women should not apply. And student has to remain single with no plans to marry until after graduation from the Nursing Course.
• Attached current ID or passport size photo.
• Character reference from a pastor signed and sealed with official church stamp/letter head.
• Reference from an education officer (head teacher or Class Patron) with the school letter Head and Stamps.
• K50.00 Application Fee receipt must be attached to this application. Application form without K50, this form will not processed.
• Good marks on Nazarene College of Nursing entrance test. This test is given to students who have meet the application requirements ONLY at Kudjip on the second ,Saturday 0f August every year. The letter will be given to students who have met the entrance test requirements for interview.
• Residents of the Highlands Region and students sponsored by their churches will be given special consideration, but must meet the entrance requirements.
• Send your complete Application Form with a (NON-REFUNDABLE) application fee of K50.00. Nazarene College of Nursing Account Number is # 1000874531 BSP Mt. Hagen.

With the new Online Selection put in place by the Department of Higher Education, the college can no longer choose which students are enrolled.
We thank you for your interest in this Institution.

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