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McCoy’s return

This post came from “Kudjip notes” that Dr. Bill and Marsha McCoy send to those who support them.  It is a good insight into both parts of mission life – Home assignment and return to mission service here in PNG:

Greetings once again from Kudjip.  We have been back on the field just over one month after a wonderful four month furlough.  None of you would tolerate reading the chronicle of joys that filled these months but many of you contributed mightily.  We won’t start naming (except for grandkids Liam and Aubrey-Shay)

for we could not help but omit some who well deserve mention.  Suffice it to say, we have been greatly strengthened, encouraged, and inspired by you and the times we shared together.  There are many of you as well that we would love to have seen but time and schedules did not permit.  Watch for us in 2014.

We “hit the ground running” upon our return here.  Nazarene Hospital is full, busy, and remains deeply challenging.  I have always known that the needs are great but even so I have been staggered by seven separate incidents in the past three weeks in which young women chose to drink herbicides and pesticides in suicide gestures or attempts.   What measure of misery in their homes and lives is so great that they take poisons they know will disintegrate the linings of their throats and stomachs, kill their kidneys and often result in their agonizing deaths?

And of course suicide attempts are not the sole expression of domestic misery in PNG. Violence remains rampant.  We straighten the broken bones, sew the wounds, and seek divine inspiration for the words that will effect change.  A California listener once asked me how it was possible that we could serve so many years on the mission field without more beneficial changes to PNG society.  Rather bold question!  I’m hoping my failures and the lessons learned from them pave the way for my successor’s great successes.

Marsha has been welcomed enthusiastically back to the Field Office (I think she was missed) and is working hard with poor internet access, struggling  systems in country, and a great team of mission leaders striving to advance the Kingdom here on the Melanesia Field.

We are spending your generous gifts with great joy.  We have invested in our Community Based Health Care program, believing that they have a powerful message and a sound approach.  We have applied some funds to badly needed renovations on a missionary neighbor’s house.  This week we flew four year old Frieda to Port Moresby on a MAF medical evacuation flight so that she could have the benefit of Moresby’s ICU and ventilator.  Frieda suffers from a progressive paralysis which began three weeks ago and is/was unable to breathe on her own.

Pict: Frieda on the floor of MAF Cessna Caravan

Our hydroelectric rebuild project is in full swing but not without difficulties.  Please pray for us and this project, especially for project manager Earl Hartwig, his family, and the leadership team here as they deal with significant pressures in this major endeavor.

Know that we love and appreciate you deeply.  We are and always have been sustained by the love of Christ, beautifully expressed through all of you.

Bill and Marsha

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