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Matthew’s testimony

Matthew and family at home after discharged from hospital

I almost died in a car accident I had on 8th
August 2011. It was around 7:30am, and I was driving my van down the road when
suddenly a big truck coming on high speed hit me head on.  After being hit, I was pushed off the road
and into the ditch. It happened so quickly that I did not have any time to save
myself. I was badly hit. Bystanders including other people who were travelling
on that highway came to my rescue. I still had some consciousness at that
moment, but I was bleeding badly and in a lot of pain.  My right femur was badly fractured as well as
my right toes, ankle, and hip. I also had a bad chest injury and a fractured
rib bone. I couldn’t breathe. In the process of trying to pull me out of the
smashed van, my left lower tibia was fractured. I went into shock in the
process. I woke up three days later in the hospital with tubes all over my body
and tied down to the bed with a skeleton traction.  I was bruised all over, I was in great pain,
my whole body was swollen, and breathing was difficult. I was supported with
oxygen. I also lost a lot of blood through the deep lacerations in my right
foot. I was given 2 units of blood to compensate the loss.

Over the first three weeks of my being in hospital, it was
not easy for me.  I started to ask God
these questions; why me? Why have you let this happen to your servant? What
have I done to deserve this? Why did you not protect me? You know that I have
always done my best in the Kingdom building and why me? Why, why, why???

Satan took advantage of the opportunity to really discourage
me more and more as I continued to ask these questions. I could not find any
answers to my questions. One afternoon when I was really down and crying, Dr.
Jim Radcliffe came in just in time and asked. What now? I shared with him my
worries and complaints. He paused for a moment after listening to me and then
encouraged me to trust God. He said that when Jesus was tempted by the devil,
He would rise up and tell him to get behind Him in His thoughts. He would never
listen or bow to the devil’s sly ways.

It has been almost six months since the accident. I was
in traction for four months. I was operated on in December and a metal plate
and screws placed to help join my femur. I am healing well but my hip fracture
has not healed yet. Doctors say that I may need either a partial or a total hip
replacement. I continue to trust in God in everything.

With all my heart
I would like to praise God and appreciate the following people:

Dr. Jim Radcliffe and the surgery team for
giving their best in saving my life and operating to place plates and screws in
my femur and continual surgical care, home visits and support. Thank you.

Dr. Bill McCoy who rescued me from pethidine
addiction including other doctors and nurses who helped one way or the

All the nursing staff of surgical ward who
provided the best care while I was there.

All Missionaries here in Kudjip who helped in
supporting me throughout my suffering and distress. Thank you for the books,
encouragement, and prayers.

My wife Sandra and three daughters; Claudia,
Chloe and Chennaiah for their care, for their patience and prayers. I love you
all dearly.

To Mike and Diane Chapman for the many
encouragements and help.

To the body of believers who prayed for me
around the world when they read about my injury online. Thank you so much

Finally to all friends, families and relatives
who showed their love and compassion.

I now strongly believe that God is not finished with me
yet. I am now stronger than ever on the inside. I have now experienced the
fullness of God’s miraculous healing power. I therefore believe and want to
contribute meaningfully in whatever I can to carry out the CBHC ministry here
PNG or wherever else and whenever. I am here to be used for His glory.



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