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Matthew prayer update

Thank you for your continued prayers for our CBHC leader, Matthew Galman.  He had a terrible accident a few months ago.  (See our previous story).  Visiting him, it is great to see how God has given him peace despite his long bed-ridden hospital stay.  His family, extended family, friends, and staff of the hospital visit him.  He tries to be an encouragement and witness to them and use this as a time to grow in his faith and encourage others.  Still it is difficult to be confined to one place so long and away from his house and the communities he loves to work with.

His two casts on his lower legs are off but his right upper leg is still in traction. Here is an update we received from Dr. Jim Radcliffe, our surgeon, who is taking care of him.

Dear Friends,
I am hoping to do an ORIF surgery (Orthopedic Reduction with Internal Fixation) with plate and screws on Matthew’s leg in Dec.!  Please pray for guidance and healing. He is discouraged about the long wait. The upper part of his femur is looking good but the lower part never got fully reduced nor has any new bone growth to join well.

Thanks, JIM

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