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Love and Sacrifice

Dr. Todd Winter Family Nazarene Hospital FoundationA while back, we asked for some pictures from donors who are giving to help in the time of this financial crisis in PNG (original post).  We wanted people to understand that we can only operate at this level because of the love, prayers, sacrifice, and support of others.  The crisis continues to worsen:  no response to our pleas to politicians and departments at every level, funding coming late, and even the funding that did come was dramatically less than promised.  In fact, if the operational support given for January is an indicator of the year’s budget then we could be looking at a 40% cut to salaries and an 80% cut to operations.

While we are grateful for partnership with government that is not enjoyed by most mission hospitals in the world, we strive for greater partnership and awareness of the reality of what we face to serve the people.  Our hospital can show statistically that it does exponentially more patient service proportionate to the funds given compared to other facilities.  What we do is only possible because of the individuals, churches, missionaries, staff meeting ladiesNGO’s, foreign aid, and others who come along side us.  God uses all of this to continue this ministry.

Perhaps the most moving recent event in this crisis though, is how our staff have reacted.  Kudjip is a place of missionaries – not just from the US but our own PNG staff.  Many are not from our area- so they are in every sense a missionary.  They have left their home tribe and live in a different tribe with a different language and culture.  They own no land but live on what the church gives.  Many could find secular jobs elsewhere that could pay better or stay in their home areas, but they come with their families to serve in this place because they see what God is doing here among us.  They want to be part of the best clinical care in the country and aStaff meeting men part of a ministry that shows people the love of God.

When we held a staff meeting to discuss the financial crisis and told our staff that some fees were increasing but that it might not be enough and could go up later, the overwhelming response of our staff was to voluntarily take a pay cut to keep from raising them even further.  They are here to serve – giving their lives and even some of their pay to our patients.  See Dr. Erin’s moving story of our staff response (Dr. Erin’s story).

When we put up the announcement that fees would increase next week, we also put up pictures of so many people who support us. Face of love posted draws crowd It is work and witness teams, churches, Nazarene Hospital Foundation, Project Save, our missionaries, our projects, our staff, our community and more!  It is God moving through people’s hearts.  The pictures immediately drew a crowd of people who were moved to know about the loving sacrifice that makes this ministry possible.  We are grateful for your prayers and support.

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