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Jimi Training: 6 Accept Christ

Jimi road and church in the mist  “The Jimi” refers to the Jimi Valley and the mountains that surround it.  With one poor road down it clinging to the edges with 1,000 foot drop offs in places.  It is a remote, rugged, and seldom traveled place.  The Church of the Nazarene has had a strong ministry there the last 50+ years. There are many churches and new preaching points scattered throughout the Jimi.  It is still a growing area of ministry and still a place of great need, where people have little access to services such as quality health care and education.

Issaac teaches in JimiMay 25-28th, CBHC held a training where the 30 surrounding Nazarene Churches sent pastors and laypeople nominated by their churches to be trained on the Most Important Health Care Knowledge.  This is about teaching people the things that can make the biggest impact on their health, such as basic sanitation, clean water, etc…  More than this, CBHC uses a Trainer of Trainers model so that these people would go back to teach these principals in their churches and communities.

Jimi CBHC trainingCBHC teaches people holistic health.  They talk about clean and holy living in both body and spirit.  At the training the last night, the community around the hosting church was invited to share some of the training as well as a Christian video.  6 people came to know Christ and many recommitted themselves to God and to working together as a community to bring about positive change.


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