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Hydro salvations

Thanks to the many faithful people who have been praying for our hydro-electric rebuild project.  As you know it as been a source of greed, contention, and fighting – even to the point of closing the hospital at times.  However we feel God often turns bad situations into good for those willing to hear His word.  The recent events leading to the arrest of 4 men has certainly made some people think about where their lives are headed.  Similarly during some of the public debate about the project, our Health Secretary told the community how much money (millions of Kina) has gone into the community.  The reason they don’t see a benefit is that many local men get money from the work but waste it on alcohol, drugs, and wild living rather than on benefiting their families.

In this setting, we feel it was providence that Matthew Galman, the coordinator for Community Based Health Care was marked to do devotions for a week at the hydro work site.  Here is his report: Hydro devotions

“The reception I received from speaking 20 to 25 minutes every morning over a period of 5 days was really outstanding.  I would say that it was the Lord’s timing after all.

By Friday we talked about making a choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Deuteronomy 30:19. The most significant part of Friday’s message was that the choice they make today can have impact on their children and their children. Many raised their hands up for us to pray for them. Few more have invited me to come to their house man to talk more on the topic. Several cried and said that that the message really convicted them and they are willing to live for the Lord.  It is obvious that God is working to save the lost. Let us continue to pray that we can be a vessel for His message.

Many were convicted and motivated to change, to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour and to start life all over with the Lord.  People were challenged that the way of life they are living now is not the only way given. There are other better ways to a more meaningful life and that is through Christ (John 15:5).  That it is not too late to decide and make the necessary change. They can make the change now and start to live a more meaningful purpose driven life. We know that changing people’s way of thinking and attitude does not happen overnight. I am grateful we have at least planted a seed in the right ground. Let us continue to pray and with the help of God’s Holy Spirit, this message will have caused a rippled effect that will begin to transform them holistically.

To see more about what Community Based Heath Care does in communities and how you can contribute to their ministry see the CBHC section.

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