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Papua New Guinea

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Housing and Water Update

Progress extended view 2015 03Just an update on our housing and water project (2015-2018).  The first 3 duplexes have completed foundations, fire walls, and most of the framing on the third.  The first one has complete internal walls and just needs the flooring and cabinets to be completed! The second is working on finishing internal walls.

Now the foundation crew has moved across Earl with second street 2015 03the street to work on the second set of 3 duplexes.  We are also working on arrangements to bring in a drilling rig for our second bore well for drinking water.

The project continues to have daily devotions and has seen workers finding the Lord and seeing their lives change.  The hope of new houses is a great boost to all the staff that relief is on the way from some of our overcrowding and difficulty hiring.  Also, as we have now adjusted our rent system, we are putting more money into renovating existing problematic houses.  Our maintenance crew has already finished a few major remodels!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this project through Work and Witness, NMI 100 year anniversary projects, prayer, and giving.

Make sure and see the NMI 100 year videos on the new NHM YouTube Channel!


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