Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

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Housing and Water Project

Housing was one of the biggest concerns for Nazarene Hospital over the years.  Many staff were living in overcrowded homes and some families lived in single rooms. 10 single family housesWe praise God that so many districts of the Church of the Nazarene chose Kudjip to contribute through the NMI 100 Year Anniversary Projects.  This was used to as counterpart funding to a USAID grant that leveraged a larger Australian Aid grant to match all the inputs (USAID and church).  We are so blessed with the Housing and Water Project coming to its completion this year.

NHM completed thirty two staff houses and a clean sustainable water project (triple well system) that provides water supply to the hospital and all of the station.  Tank Farm NHM wishes to give special acknowledgement to our project team, with Earl, Jordan, and Kingston taking the lead with our teams of local workers to complete this project. The project does not only benefit the hospital staff but community can now benefit from clean water supply with a tap added on the community road. God is doing great things here and we are looking forward to continuing to work in partnership with church and other donors.

Mr Tulbai is one of our Primary Health staff who moved into one of the newly built homes. Mr Tulbai pictures here with his family of eight, was living in a small two bedroom house more than 10 years and now can enjoy this great blessing with his family.Tulbai family duplex



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