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Housing and Water Project Explanation

Nazarene Health Ministries has had difficultystation housing 1 with housing for a long time.  It is difficult to build enough houses for all our staff and because they have traditionally made much less than government equivalents, it has been hard to charge enough in rent to maintain them and build more.  We have ended up with problems of over-crowding, deteriorating houses, and limited hiring with no place nearby for staff to live.  We have cried out to God about this and He has listened and answered prayer.

It has been a long journey but God has been putting several things together the last several years.  One was that we have had a great relationship to Australian Aid because they have seen how every time they invest in our work here, that it translates into great care for the people of Papua New Guinea.  Knowing housing was a critical issue for us, Australian Aid pledged to match up to K2.5 million in whatever we could take in (the equivalent of about US$1 million).

Dr. Houses smWe received K500,000 from the Anglimp South Wahgi Member of Paliament, and K100,000 from the North Wahgi Member.  We knew we needed 3 doctor houses for new missionaries to come and stepped out on faith as we continued to raise money.  We partnered with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries to apply for a grant from USAID.  In this grant we pledged we could raise US$100,000 from the Church of the Nazarene and USAID would provide $800,000.  We received this grant and helped us reach the total needed to double all of it through Australian Aid!  During this process we found out about the NMI 100 year projects and from what districts have pledged so far we will double our needed church commitment!  DSC03274

The result will be the 3 new doctor houses, 29 staff houses, 4 toilet/shower blocks, and a new well system to distribute clean water to the whole station!

Now we are also paying government rates for all our staff and are able to make a rent system that will make all of these sustainable by doing aggressive housing remodels, repairs, and upkeep systems.

Dr. Ted and babyThe reason all of this is possible is because of the way the church around the world has supported us.  In administration, we often talk about how people don’t give us infrastructure money because we are great at building things.  They give it to us because of the great health care that happens here.  This level of care only happens because of the church’s prayers, donations, work and witness teams, volunteers, medicines/equipment, support in projects like this one, sending missionaries, etc…

Thanks to your faithfulness, God continues to bless in so many ways!

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