Solar panel picClick here for the NEWEST PROJECT 2015:  Help our Rural Health Services and Community Based Health Care set up two clinics, install solar panels, and bring health teaching into unbelievably remote places.


Station overview

Are you looking for a special way to get involved?  Between the four healthcare ministries as well as our Field Office, local church work, and the Melanesia Nazarene Bible and Teacher’s Colleges down the road there is a nearly endless variety of things to do and ways for people of many backgrounds to be involved in all kinds of projects and needs!

Here are ways to be involved:

1.  PRAY

2.   Work and Witness

3. Give to our  Greatest Need Fund

4.  Medical donations. See our donations page.

Current Project Needs:

The following are projects that we are working towards or have already begun.

1. Housing renovations.  Good staff housing is a critical need – it often limits our ability to hire new staff critical to the ministry here, we also have many aging houses. Any amount helps as we have a lot of renovations to be done.

2.  New Phone lines – we need to replace many old lines and add new lines to new houses, since we will be digging up utility tracks for our water project we plan on replacing our entire phone system.  Estimate – $100,000.

3.  Community Based Health Care needs partners for ongoing community training.  See their website to know more about this powerful ministry.Dr. Bill praying with a patient

4.  Meet the latest shortage – when you give to the “greatest need” fund and you want to know exactly what you helped us do, like pay for a shipment of medicine, buy lab tests that we have run out of, replace equipment, etc…   You can just e-mail Dr Scott, our hospital administrator, who can tell you our current need for about any amount that you can name.