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Grimes Dorm opening/ Follow up- Pedaling for PNG

In our previous post we talked about 3 dedicated Mt. Vernon Nazarene University students who spent the summer biking across the US to raise awareness and support for our hospital.  Here is the follow up of that story and how it connects to who we are and all we do.

We do not get any special funding for housing but have great needs.  Finding it out of our limited operational budget is often difficult.  2 years ago administration agreed that we would build a new dorm and take money out of hospital savings if needed.  In the end an Australian Work and Witness team came and helped and the hospital received a tax refund that covered that expense. (The refund was supposed to be annual but hadn’t happened for 6 years so it ended up coming all at once just when we needed it!)

In the same way, this year we were looking at how to do housing projects and renovate the old dorm.  We moved the young men out of the old dorm to the new one.  There were many single women living in rooms and sharing houses.  The old dorm needed a lot of work in order to move them in and free up more houses on station.  Despite being short staffed currently our houses were full and we needed to do this.  Since housing was tight two of the girls had been living in an attic room at another house – very hot and dusty.

This time God provided through these three young men.  We got the total that they raised about $7,200 just before opening the dorm today.  Everyone was so glad for God’s provision.  This was such a blessing to staff and community to encourage people that this is God’s work and that God is meeting our needs.  It encourages them that they are not the only ones making sacrifices to work here and that other people are sacrificing and praying for this work.

Now that we freed up some more rooms and one side of a duplex for families, plus we have some empty houses off our main station, we are now going to advertise for more staff to try to deal with our staff shortage.  Please pray for God to send more mission minded people to work here (Nursing, lab, x-ray, maintenance, and more). Currently government and private is paying a lot more than any church health service in the country can give and it has caused national shortages in the church run facilities, which do half the health care in the country. Pray for us to find people who see this as their calling and see the work of God in stories like these and want to be a part of it.

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