Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

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God is beginning to answer prayer

Thank you friends, families and the global church partners for your continuous support in sustaining rural health clinics in PNG. We praised God for the incredible things that is happening during the financial shortfall affecting our rural health clinics. God is beginning to intervene at His own timing. His timing is perfect and is beyond our human understanding. Last Month the surrounding communities of Bana HSC contributed K14,000.00 towards the shortfall on salary to continue to operate the clinic. The contribution is going to keep the facility open for possibly 2 months.


On the left is the community councillor handing the contribution to Rev: Yambe Sike, East Sepik District Superintendent of the church of the Nazarene to assist Bana Health Sub Centre for with its salary.

This month we received an email from a family giving a donation of $10,000.00 US Dollars to assist the work of rural health care in Papua New Guinea. This is timely as we begin to see God’s moving in the hearts of His people. This donation is going to cover for 1 or 2 positions for the rest of this year.
We had laid off 5 nurses and 1 support staff for 3 different rural clinics. We hope this funding is going to help put some staff back to work in the facilities that we’ve just closed.

Do pray with us that we can be able to find a sustainable system to solve our budget issues for this year and next year onwards. There is no workable system for us to quickly get our positions approved for those 7 rural clinics that are being affected. We are making every attempt to knock at the respective provincial government offices and talking to members of parliament for support so that we continue to provide the needed health care to our people in the rural areas.

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