Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
Box 456 Mt Hagen WHP
Papua New Guinea

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Giving a chance for kids

According to the National Department of Health in PNG, 7.5% of children do not live to age 5.  (See more PNG statistics on the hospital website).  Sedrick made it that long but it was unclear if he would reach 6 yrs of age.

Sedrick developed a swollen abdomen, jaundice, blood in his urine, fever, and was very ill.  However, unlike many children living in remote areas, Sedrick could get some help.   He lived near Sangape Health Center, and his dad even worked there as a cleaner.  The nurses there stabilized and treated him.  Since he was so sick they got on the radio to Kudjip Nazarene Hospital and talked with Dr. Scott.  He gave some orders to help them get through until the Mission Aviation Fellowship plane could come and medivac him out to Kudjip for treatment.  We are happy to say he is improving.  Another life saved by the services of Sangape Health Centre and all the Nazarene Health Ministries working together.

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