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Papua New Guinea

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Doctor training

Doing administration, I don’t get to do a lot of medicine any more, so this is one of my favorite pictures as a missionary doctor.  It is a picture me doing nothing!  Dr. Rebecca is a Papua New Guinea doctor doing her specialty training in Rural Medicine and has learned surgical skills at the Nazarene Hospital.  Here she is teaching another visiting PNG doctor.  It was great to see her pass on the skills she has learned. 

We hope to continue to see this more as we continue to train Rural Doctors and hope to start training PNG Surgeons soon too!  The picture on the right I got my last day of work before home assignment.  I think it is a picture of where we are going as a mission hospital – missionary doctors, PNG doctors and dentist, PNG registrars (specialty training doctors), PNG medical students, visiting residents with an interest in missions.  It is a sign of the increased emphasis in medical training and we pray will result in both more PNG doctors at Kudjip showing the love of God to patients, and also more PNG doctors going out to places of great need in PNG to do the same!

 by Dr. Scott Dooley (Hospital Administrator)

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