Special Projects

Welcome to our special project page.

You can DONATE HERE.  Thanks for your partnership and prayers!

Our current project is a combined project between Community Based Health Care and Rural Health ServicesOur goal is US$10,000.

Help us set up and improve our newest rural Solar panel pichealth centres in Dusin and Bana by finishing our clinics and installing solar panels for lights and immunization refrigerators. Health Centers in remote areas like this are the only medical care for days walk every direction.  They are staffed with no doctors, only Nursing Officers and Community Health Workers.

CBHC will join these trips to do additional follow up training of these remote locations and even further beyond for holistic health development and much needed preventive education and discipleship.

The first team will be going to install solar at Dusin in May, 2015!  We will keep you updated on progress on this project through the RHS and CBHC websites and by Asia Pacific Around the Region News.

See our video about this project on the

NHM YouTube Channel: Solar and Teaching