Please pray for Matthew

Matthew Galman of Community Based Health Care was involved in a very severe accident last week.  He has chest trauma and fractures in both legs.  We are grateful to God for sparing his life.  He now faces a long recovery in the hospital and after he leaves the hospital.  It will certainly be months before he is able to resume walking to remote locations.

Matthew has often had to walk for days to get to the remotest places where CBHC serves.  Please pray for quick and full recovery as well as grace for his family in this time.  His wife, Sandra works in the lab at the hospital and is taking time off to help Matthew.

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6 Responses to Please pray for Matthew

  1. Jeannie Pesut says:

    Dear Matthew,
    I am so sorry to hear of your accident. I will be praying for a full and fast recovery. Please say hello to Sandra and the girls for me. I just sent my last daughter Kristen off to college this week. Hard to believe she was 6 when I fist came to PNG in 1999 with Dr. Carter. ! Keep on touch..

    Jeannie Pesut

  2. Andy Bennett says:

    I visited with Matthew briefly this morning. He was in good spirits, and said that the pain is now much less. Continue to pray for him. His femur fracture is so severe that there is no humanly way to promise that he will be able to walk normally again. Continue to pray for him!

  3. Kathy Radcliffe says:

    The Wosin story is an inspiration to believe God for His transforming power in people lives and communities.
    God is helping Matthew through this difficult time. Matthew’s wife, Sandra, has returned to work, and Matthew now has a “trapeze” set-up to help him be able to move his upper body. Continue to pray for him.

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